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Puzzle pieces sponsored so far.... Please help us fill up the puzzle!

Originally posted May 28th:
Puzzle Update - PLEASE HELP!

Sarah here...

Sixteen years ago today, a very special person made her appearance into the world.

That person is Rachel. She has grown into such a mature, beautiful young lady and I'm proud to be her friend.

Here are some pictures (of pictures) of Rachel when she was younger I found in some albums. :)

Note: She's probably going to kill me when she see's I've posted these, so you'll know why if you don't ever hear from me again! ;)

Today, being her birthday, is also our goal for having the butterfly puzzle completely filled in. Here is what the puzzle looks like as of today:
Just over half way there!!! Thank you SOOOO VERY MUCH to each and everyone of you who has donated and sponsored a piece of the puzzle!! We are so very grateful!!

But, we still have a ways to go. We are at 275 304 336 out of 500 pieces right now, which leaves 225 196 164 left to fill.

If you have not already gotten a puzzle piece, or even if you have, would you PLEASE consider sponsoring a puzzle piece or more than one??


This isn't for Rachel, although we have used her birthday as a goal. This isn't for me, although I am putting out the plea for help. This is for Lilly.

Lilly has been laying in a crib for 5 years, in a room with many other kids, staring at nothing. All. day. long. Can you even imagine???

No hugs, no love, no nothing. Just a grated bottled with mush or hot broth in it once or maybe twice a day. That is Lilly's life. That is why she needs your help to get out.


Rise to the challenge, friends.

Lilly needs our help, and you have been COMMANDED to help! Not by me, but by God. That's right!

God has commanded us to take care of the widows and the orphans (James 1:27). Tare care.
That doesn't mean give a little or say a prayer and hope someone else will do the rest.
It means pray without creasing.
It means give as much as you feel led God tells you to give.
It means consider if you are able to adopt her.
It means adopting her if God has told you to.
It means spreading the word so many other can hear about her plight.

And this is not just for Lilly you are commanded to do this, it's for all the orphans. Think there are too many to help? Well, you may not be able to help them all, but you can help save one. And it will make a difference to that one.


We need your help to finish this puzzle, we can't do it alone.
We need your help to raise Lilly the money her family will need to adopt her,
we can't do it alone.
We need your help to pray, pray, pray for her, we can't do it alone.
We need your help to spread the word and her picture so her family will find her, we can't do it alone.

I'm begging you to help us help Lilly, we are worn out and tired from all this fundraising, and a little discouraged she doesn't have a family yet, but aren't going to give up. No way! But we can't do it alone.

Lilly was out of time several years ago, it's a miracle in itself she is still hanging on. She needs out now. Please help her!

Find the puzzle fundraiser post below.


Originally posted May 2nd:

Set this Butterfly Free!!!

Somewhere on the other side of the world there is a beautiful butterfly just waiting for her cocoon to break open so she can be set free.
But she got stuck in her cocoon and wasn't able to come out the same time as most of the butterflies her age. She is soo beautiful on the inside, and just needs love to help her break free to the outside.
So here's where she needs your help. She needs you to help set her free from the cocoon (orphange/possibly institution) she is stuck in.

You can help set Lilly love free by sponsoring a piece of her puzzle!
Her butterfly puzzle! That's right we are doing a puzzle fundraiser!

After the puzzle is filled up, it will be glued and given to Lilly's future adoptive parents when they bring her home. One day, Lilly will be able to look at this butterfly and see all the many people who loved her and helped her break free!

To sponsor a puzzle piece:
Donate just $5 (times whatever amount of puzzle pieces you want to sponsor if more than one) to Lilly's grant. You can donate by:
-Using the chip-in on our sidebar (which goes directly to RR, just we can see who has donated)
-Using Lilly's account directly on RR
-Sending a check to:
Reece's Rainbow
PO Box 4024
Gaithersburg, MD 20885
(BE SURE to specify in the memo line it's for 'Lilly 3G').

After you have donated, you have to email us telling us how many pieces you sponsored, what names you would like on them (we are just doing last initial), and what method you used to pay. Our email is handiworkforelijah (at) gmail (dot) com. If you do not email us, you will not get your names on the puzzle! You can sponsor a piece for every member of your family, or you can sponsor a piece in honor or loving memory of someone!

We already have a good start on it, since we have put the names of everyone who has ordered from us while we have been raising money for Lilly. There are 500 pieces, and only 37 have names on them. That leaves 463 left.
What we have filled in so far! The upper right wing.
My 9 yo sister gave $5 of her own money to get her name on puzzle piece, and $5 is a lot of money for a 9 yo! Can't you give too? PLEASE help us set her free!

But here's the catch. Our goal is to have it filled in little less than a month from now. In other words, we want to have it all filled in by midnight on May 28th. You know why May 28th? Because that is this girl's birthday:
Rachel. My other half, and best friend. Also Lilly's warrior, and the one who first fell in love with Lilly. I quite frankly, could not  keep this blog running without her help.

She's turning 16, and I can tell you for a fact without even confirming it with her, that there is nothing she wants more for her Sweet Sixteen then for Lilly to have a family. Nothing.

And you can help get Lilly one step closer to that goal by being a piece of the puzzle. Becoming part of her butterfly! Help set her free!

Please bless Rachel, but more importantly, help Lilly find a family by getting your name on a puzzle piece!

Think 463 a lot?? I don't think so! Not for God! Let's knock out that number, shall we? Thank you!!


  1. LOVE this idea!! What a gift for Rachel!!!!! Can I re-blog and link back?! Love it!!

  2. I continue to be greatly impressed by the heart you two have for orphans, esp Lilly. I'm chippin' in $15. (I'll add more when I mail a check, but this is good for now.) :-)

    Love you both!

  3. Hi. We donated $50. My name is Lisa Sennholz. I am Ashley Gibson's Aunt. Thank you for your diligence in bringing this little girl home. Amazing! !!

  4. Hi Sarah and Rachel
    The Burman Bunch sent in $55 in honor of our children. Maybe you could put BB for our initial:)

  5. Hi Rachel and Sarah...we chipped in $100 in honor of Rachel's birthday. Happy Birthday Rachel. We love you and are so proud of you!
    mom and dad

  6. Hey Rachel and Sarah. Im just wondering about my order that I placed a little while back? I tried emailing as well, so not sure when/if you sent it yet or if its not ready, and what the total was so I can put it into her account! :)
    Thanks Ladies!
    Stephanie @ theshortonescookingblog.blogspot.com

    P.S. Happy Birthday Rachel!!!!

  7. Just donated $15, this is my 10 year old son's tithe from a gift he got and he wanted it to go to Lily, 3 puzzle pieces with the name Evan on them please! God bless you girls! Happy Birthday Rachel!!! xoxoxoxoxox


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