Hi everyone!!! Lots of new and exciting things happening here on Handiwork for Lilly! Here's what's new (and not so new, but still important):

• A new (to us) picture of Lilly! - No one knew we had this picture of Lilly Love until someone found it a couple months ago. It's older than the other two pictures we have of here, it's from Dec 2008, but still, another glimpse of her is precious! Look at her gorgeous blonde hair!
Lilly, Dec 2008
• She's still waiting - Even though she is younger than in the other two pictures we have of her, she still has her pleading eyes, begging for a family. :( And she still needs that family!!!

• New blog design updates - I (Sarah) have been working on some blog design updates with should make our blog easier for you to navigate. 
  1. The first is the dropdown navigation menu at the top of this blog which gives you easy links for everything you need to know or see!
  2. Mouse over the 'SHOP' category and choose from any of the items you want to look at. If the dropdown menu isn't working, please tell us the problem, and use the categories at the bottom of this blog instead. 
  3. There are also several other things like a contact form instead of having to email us, and a scroll to top button that appears in the lower right corner. I tried to make the blog look cleaner with less "clutter", and you will find most of the things that were taken off the sidebar at the bottom of the blog.
• New items - Along with the new blog spruce ups, we have many new items, and more are being listed daily. But new dropdown menu also means that you will not be able to scroll down past the welcome post and see the new items anymore. If you want to view the new items, subscribe with google reader at the bottom of blog, or go to the Newly Listed Items page.

• Craft Sales - We are working on scheduling several dates at our local farmers market (in the free community service booth! :)), as it was a big success the one time we did it last year! We also have a craft sale coming up at the beginning of Dec. If you are local to us, keep an eye out for those on our Craft Sales and Benefits page!

• Puzzle Fundraiser - We are still running the puzzle fundraiser as we haven't gotten it filled in yet! Please consider sponsoring a piece here - we are soo close!!!

• And as always, please SHOP and SHARE our blog, and share Lilly's picture and need for a family! We are pretty sure she has been transferred, and she REALLY needs a family!!

Thank you for supporting us and Lilly!!
♥ Sarah and Rachel ♥

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