Owl Hat #1 - SOLD

Owl Hat #1 - $8.00 SOLD!

***Pattern from Inner Hooker

We have these owl hats available for custom order, but we are also starting to make pre-made owl hats starting with this one! :) Get one of these adorable hats for the little one in your life!

•It will a fit a 6-12 mo old.
•It is made with 100% acrylic yarn, NOT homespun.
•The main part of the hat is dark purple, and has a bright pink border. The pupil of the eyes are black, the iris is dark purple, with bright pink eyebrows. The braids and tufts on the top are dark purple, bright pink, and white, and the nose is yellow.
•The hat measures about 8 inches wide above earflaps. It measures 8 1/2 inches tall including earflaps, but not including braids or tufts. The tufts are just over 1 inches tall, and the braids are about 9 inches long.
•It is machine washable and dryable (may shrink slightly on the first wash).

This hat is made in a smoke free and NOT pet free home, and it's handmade by Rachel. And remember, 100% of this sale goes to help bring Lilly home!

The purple isn't really that blue, it's more like this -

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