Owl Hats

Pattern from Inner Hooker

All hats are made in a smoke free and pet free home, and they are handmade with love by Sarah and Rachel. And remember, 100% of any order goes to help bring Lilly and Owen home!

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Premade and Ready to Ship
If none of these colors or sizes are right, keep reading to custom order!
Owl Hat #9 - 0-3 mo size (will fit 14"-15.5" head) - made w/ Homespun
Owl Hat #8 - 2-4 yo size (will fit 17.5"-20") - made w/ Homespun
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Custom Order

To custom order, please , and let us know the first 4 things below. The pricing chart is also found below.
  1. Size - We can make any size you want. If we have a head circumference, there is more of a guarantee it will fit; but if it is a gift for someone else, we can guess based on age.
  2. Color - We can make them almost any colors that you want! If you want the colors to match the child's winter coat, we can do our best to try and match that. The colors shown here are just some samples of what we have available.
  3. Yarn - They can be made with 100% acrylic yarn, OR they can be made with Homespun yarn which is warmer and more ideal for snow play - the Homespun is 98% acrylic and 2% polyester. Most of the time, the eyes and border on a homespun hat are made with 100% acrylic.
  4. Straps - There are two ways we can make the straps. The first is ties, and the second is braids.
  5. Nose - This is optional. You can chose the color of the nose/beak: yellow or orange. If you don't want to pick, we will pick the one that looks best.
Pricing Chart -
Doll/Preemie/Newborn - 12 mo made w/ Homespun...............$9.00
12 mo to 8 years made w/ Homespun............................................$10.00
8 years and older made w/ Homespun...........................................$12.00
Doll/Preemie/Newborn - 8 years made w/ acrylic......................$9.00
8 years and older made w/ acrylic...................................................$10.00

***To see more color options - GO HERE!***

Hats made with Homespun and ties -- Liam (10 mo), Elly (4 1/2), and Ethan (almost 3)
Thanks Becky for the ADORABLE pic!
**PINK WITH PURPLE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE - That pink color is discontinued**
Anna, Rachel and their dolls with matching hats - both with Homespun and braids
**PINK WITH PURPLE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE - That pink color is discontinued**
The Grove family with their hats - all made with Homespun and braids
**PINK WITH PURPLE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE - That pink color is discontinued**


  1. These are so adorable Sarah! Mind letting me know how much shipping would be to Canada? Or if you are willing to ship one of these to Canada? I have a little brother who I think would love one of these, was thinking it would also make a good stocking stuffer for Christmas!

    Thanks Stephanie @

  2. Hi Sarah!

    1. Infant size
    2. Brown/pink like the one Anna is modeling would be super!!
    3. Homespun, please
    4. Don't care - whatever you think is best for straps
    5. whatever looks best!
    6. I really like the blue!

  3. Hi Sarah, I would like to order several hats. They are sooo cute! How long do they take? I think I live near enough to you to pick them up (near Michelle Z.) I need a pink owl hat (just like the one Elly has on in the picture.)for a 9 year old girl(prob small adult size) with a matching doll hat. She has a Bitty Baby and American Girls so about their size. I would also like a matching one for a baby girl, actually would like it to fit next year so maybe to fit a 2 year old, She will be 1 this summer but she is a big girl! And finally a blue (like Liam's) for a 7 year old boy who is more the size of a 3 year old (my nephew who was a RR Angel and is now HOME for over a year!) I can measure heads for you if you would like. Kelly szamlh@yahoo.com


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