Welcome to Our Blog!!

Hello and welcome to our blog!!!
We are Sarah and Rachel, and we are two teens trying serve Jesus Christ with our lives. We love to crochet and we are selling our handmade items to raise money to help Lilly find a family!
Sarah's family has adopted twice, the first time with Elijah who came home in Dec 2010, and Sarah started this blog in fall 2010 to help raise money to bring Elijah home. She's changed this blog several times since to help several different kids come home to their forever families. Check out the orphans we've helped page under ABOUT at the top. Our current child we are helping is Lilly, who needs a family before she is sent off to an institution, a place of little hope.

TO ORDER: Each post that we put up on this blog will be an item that we've made to sell. To see what's available please see the SHOP menu at the top. You are also welcome to custom order any sold item, or a variation of any item. To order, please see one of the options the under ORDER menu.

We'll be updating this blog all the time, so be sure to check back often for new items! And remember 100% of what you pay for the item goes to help bring Lilly home!

Thank you!
Sarah and Rachel


  1. Sarah, I want to order some cloth napkins! Do you want me to send you material (old sheets, maybe?) Let me know what you're charging for a set of napkins!

  2. Sarah, what do you have for fish dish cloths (fish cloths? Dish fish?) that I could buy? Do you have any you can send along with your mom on Thursday??

  3. Hey... I make buttons for RR families (I made Elijah's)... would you be interested in a blog grab button for your blog to help people find the things you are selling? If you would like to email me at lucille@poppiesblooming.co.uk we can make one for you!

  4. Sarah, I'd like some napkins too! Something soft (like flannel?). If you can make some, please email me at brian and rachel dot davis at gmail dot com (no spaces).

  5. Sarah I think you are an amazing girl for helping raise money for your little brother and now to help a family rescue sweet Tori. God bless you and your family, you all have an amazing heart for God and His children.

  6. Sarah, did you see that Miss Anastasiya has a family now?!! Praise God!!!


    bringing home Matthew and Michael, (4)

  7. I would like to buy some of your washclothes!!

  8. HI Sarah,

    Do you happen to crochet little girl hats or cute head bands? If you do, I would like to order two for "Jaclyn and Harper". Feel free to email me privately at momto 8kids @ ymail.com (remove spaces)

  9. I hope you got my email about the giveaway?

  10. Hello ladies. I thought you might like to know, it's not as though I have a whole lot of readership on my blog at this point as my adoption journey is just beginning (and will not actually go into active mode for about 2 years due to age restrictions) but, I featured Lilly as one of the children in my most recent post before Christmas, one of the faces to remember during this consumeristic time of year, one who has nothing, who needs a family. I tried to choose a variety of different children who were in need of attention to their cause and who might move any readers to action, and I just fell in love with Lilly's sweet face. I am without financial resources (at all, like, even as in to buy food and gas) at this point but I've decided that until I can help in other ways, I plan to raise awareness of these kids' situations and do whatever else I can in addition to readying myself for my own adoption(s?) when the time is right. And, I haven't read too far back through your blog but have you considered making wool longies/shorties? A lot of cloth diapering parents (many of whom I've noticed are also adoptive parents) LOVE these and will pay a decent price for them, especially for a good cause. I have a number of people I could refer over who buy those on a regular basis. Your work is BEAUTIFUL and I only wish I could afford it! From now on I'm going to start asking for Christmas and birthday gifts directly from sites that support international adoptions through RR - and buying gifts the same way! Anyways, I just saw Lilly's little face on the side of another blog and thought I'd check up on the people fighting to bring her home and how things were going. Thank you so much for all you do for these kids. If they only knew and understood, their thanks would overwhelm you. <3


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