Key Fobs

Key Fobs - $5.00 each

These GORGEOUS key fobs were made by our friend Juli for her adoption from China. After they became fully funded she donated them to us to use!! THANK YOU SO MUCH JULI!

These key fobs are awesome and soo handy! When using them, you'll be able to find your keys right away when you drop them, and they are easier to find in your purse or bag. They also work great for apartment keys for traveling adoptive families!

•Each one is made with webbing with either ribbon or a strip of fabric sewn on top. They have a metal clasp at the end, with a metal key ring.
•The designs vary... pick and choose which designs you want from the ones below!
•Each one measures just under 6 inches long (not including ring on end) and just over 1 inch wide.
•I would not recommend washing them, and you shouldn't need to.

These scrunchies were made in a smoke free and pet free home, and they're handmade by Juli. And remember, 100% of this sale goes to help bring Lilly home!

Key Fob #3

Key Fob #4

Key Fob #6

Key Fob #7
Key Fob #9
Key Fob #11

Key Fob #10
Key Fob #1 - SOLD!
Key Fob #2 - SOLD!
Key Fob #5 - SOLD!

Key Fob #8 - SOLD!

Key Fob #12 - SOLD!


  1. I'll take #12, and a under-fridge-duster-thinger. In a fun color - you choose :)

  2. I'll take 2 & 5, please :)

    Now Ashley's comment has me curious -- what's an under-fridge-duster-thinger??


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