Octopus Pencil Holder - SOLD!

Octopus Pencil Holder - $10.00 - SOLD!

Frosty the Snowman, was a jolly happy soul... whoops! Wrong song! This is an Octopus, not Frosty (click here to see the Frosty I made awhile back!)! We have fish here all the time so it's about time we got some other sea creatures here! Maybe Rachel will make us a shark!! :D 

With the pattern made up by yours truly from a picture, he'll love to hold all your pencils, pens, highlighters, scissors, and what I would use him for - Crochet hooks!! :) He is fairly big, and tall because I used a baby formula can (washed, of course!), so I'm sure he would also work for knitting needles!

•He's made with acrylic yarn.
•He is blue, but the yarn has threads that stick out of different colors (see middle picture below).

•He is 5 1/4 inches tall, the diameter of the body is 4 1/4 inches, and each leg is about 4 3/4 inches long with a total width of 13 inches. Too many measurement for me to keep track of (I'm not a number person)! :)
•The yarn probably is washable, but I would NOT recommend washing it as the blue part doesn't come off, and he might loose an eye or a couple legs.

This octopus is made in a smoke free and
 pet free home, and he's handmade by Sarah. And remember, 100% of this sale goes to help bring Lilly home! 

The Fair Judge likes it too! She gave me a blue for creativity! :)


  1. Found your blog through another and I must say I love you guys! It's awesome what you are doing to get these babies home. I must have the octopus....there was something written there about a shark? Is that possible? I would love to get these as gifts for 2 of my kids, I love where the money is going, and one of them loves octopus and the other sharks.
    you can find me at

  2. Did you sell this octopus!? How did I never see him!? Did you post him while I was on vacation, you sneak?

    Do you have any hot pads??

  3. HI Ladies,
    Just wondering if you got my last email wondering where I can send a check to for the octopus and other items?


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