Dish Cloths - Set of 2 Fish - Set #4 - SOLD!

Dish Cloths/Wash Cloths - Set of 2 Fish - Set #4 - $6.00 - SOLD!

Now what girl wouldn't like some washcloths in these colors! I know I would! And they would also work to add some a LOT of color to your kitchen, and they are great helpers! They will also make great gifts!

•These dishcloths/washcloths are soft enough to use on a baby, and still are durable enough to throw in the washer to clean them, and they last for years. They will fade over time.
•They are made with 100% cotton.
•These fish are made with stripes of dark pink, light pink, and white cotton yarn.
•Each fish measures about 10 inches long (from the nose to the tail), 6 1/2 inches wide (in the widest part of the body), and 3 inches in the shortest part of the tail.
•They are machine washable and dry (may shrink slightly on the first wash). Use of fabric softener may affect it's absorbency.

These fish are made in a smoke free and NOT pet free home, and they're handmade by Rachel. And remember, 100% of this sale goes to help bring Lilly home!

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