Towel Toppers - Set of 4 - SOLD!

Towel Toppers - Set of 4 - $10.00 - SOLD!

These towel toppers aren't as popular anymore as they used to be, but that doesn't mean nobody uses them anymore! The smart mama who ordered these wanted them so she could hang them up on high cabinets, so her 3 year old didn't steal and hide all her towels! Note: Towels were already bought, so they are not included in the price.

•They are made with 100% cotton yarn, and the towels are also cotton.
•One of the towel toppers is made with a dark purple, another is made with lavender, another is made with tan, and the last one is made with white, olive green, light yellow, and brown.
•The buttons are 1 inch wooden buttons.
•They are machine washable and dry (may shrink slightly on the first wash).

These towels are made in a smoke free and pet free home, and they're handmade by me. And remember, 100% of this sale went to help bring Noah home!

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