Dish Cloth - One Square - Square #3 - SOLD!

Dishcloth - One Square - Square #3 - $3.00 - SOLD!

Let this dishcloth help you with wiping off your counters, and doing your dishes! He is a great helper! He would also make a great gift!

•This dishcloth/washcloth is soft enough to use on a baby, and still is durable enough to throw in the washer to clean it, and it will last for years. It will fade over time though.
•It's made with 100% cotton.
•This dishcloth is made with "Faded Denim" (three different shades of blue
) variegated cotton yarn.
•It measures just under 7 inches wide, and just over 7 inches tall.
•He's machine washable and dry (may shrink slightly on the first wash). Use of fabric softener may affect his absorbency.

This dishcloth is made in a smoke free and pet free home, and it's handmade by me. And remember, 100% of this sale goes to help bring Noah home!

I know this in this picture the dishcloth looks a totally different color, but it's hard to get the actual color of this yarn in a photo, so think somewhere between these two, but not as bright blue as this one.

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